AFi Smart Dual Power Socket & Switch

Turn Your Home To A Smart Home

Your home deserves better than an ordinary light switch. The abseco smart touch switches will turn your walls from boring to absolutely breathtaking. Abseco AI assisted electric smart touch switches are more efficient and able to control almost everything at your home. Operate it with a gentle touch or command it to control your appliances through voice and smartphone.

Mobile app control

Configure functions in each room and invite members of your family with privileged roles. Track all activities and get alerts and notification while the appliances status -all this can be determined using the highly intuitive app. The ABSECO App, which can be used to control the connected devices via smartphone and tablet, is available for devices with Android and iOS. Download it for free.

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Voice assistance

Go hands-free with voice-control, Our Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration allows controlling your home using simple command. Say "Alexa, Open the curtain." Switch gets activated to open the curtain for you.

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Scene Creation

You can customize Scenes for anything: Wake Up, yoga, Leaving Home, movie night, parties. The more you try, the more you'll get out of your smart home. Wireless scenario controls activate a wake-up scene from dimmed light with open blinds and boil your tea. Go to bed at night or come to the home with a piece of comfort in mind. Easily automate daily tasks and create scenarios. Create a scenario using geo-location if you are away from home and all lights are On, curtains and doors are closed.

Energy Management

Visualize instantaneous and average consumptions of your appliances to take charge and keep yourself and your loved ones comfortable and safe. Knowing your faulty devices are now easy, thanks to inbuilt energy sub metering capabilities..

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Surge Protection

ABSECO switches are protected by three levels. Ensures safe operation during undesirable conditions such as VOLTAGE SURGE, CURRENT SURGE & OVERLOAD. Built using fire-resistant materials and water-repellent high-quality tempered glass.

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Feather touch

Advanced Capacitive Touch
ABSECO switches come with inbuilt wifi module, connect your switches with a wifi router and enjoy your home through the app.

Heat, Humidity and shock-proof

Designed keeping in mind everyday usage scenarios, abseco smart touch switches are heat, humidty and shockproof for you to use conveniently.

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Retrofit Design

Switching from conventional switches to smart switches is an impossible task made possible with retrofit design of abseco smart touch switches.

WiFi –Bluetooth connectivity

Abseco switches are highly adaptable to changing technology, and are hence designed to work on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi without the hassles of interference and multiple wiring. The Device can be configured with your existing Wi-Fi router.
You can still turn the lights on or off as you previously did by toggling the in-wall switch; clearly a good thing if you have guests or if your phone isn’t nearby.

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Illuminated switches

First thing you want to do when walking into a dark room is to turn on the light so you can see. But, in order to see, you have to fumble around in the dark to find the light switch. What if your switches lit up? Abseco smart switches come with LED illumination; it serves as either a guiding beacon in dark rooms, or as a comforting night light